Savannah, GA

I am SO excited to be coming to Savannah! Maribel has worked tirelessly the past couple of weeks since SCOLT to make this happen! This is an open workshop! What does that mean?! If you don’t teach in Savannah you’re still welcome to come!!  Anyone from anywhere is invited to attend!

I will be in Savannah for two days at the Woodville Tompkins Technical and Career High School. You can sign up for one or both of them! Here is our schedule for both days! Saturday is $85 and includes lunch** and a light breakfast. If you choose to register for Saturday and Sunday, the cost is $120 ($35 for Sunday) and a light breakfast will also be included on Sunday.

Saturday, May 4th- Learning with La Loca!
8:30-9:00 Welcome, registration and light breakfast
9:00-10:30 Output in a Comprehensible INPUT classroom
10:30-12:30 Culture and Current Events in the TL
12:30-1:00 Lunch
1:00-2:30 Tech Tips and Tricks to SIMPLIFY your life
2:30-4:15 No plan Lesson Planning- Strategies for the Multi-Prep Nightmare
4:15-5:00 Questions and Answers- Parking Lot review
Sunday, May 5th- Mafia, Loup Garou and Brain Breaks too!
8:30-9:00 Welcome, registration and light breakfast
9:00-10:30 Mafia
10:30-12:30 Loup Garou
Brain Breaks used and taught throughout! 
Maribel has a special evening planned on Saturday, for anyone interested in touring Savannah with us and ending in a Cuban restaurant with LIVE Jazz!
So! Will you join us!? I promise two days full of FUN, hands-on learning, that will re-energize you and fill your bucket with strategies and resources to take you back to your classroom and start applying right away!
CLICK HERE to complete a Google Form for registration and then choose one of the options below to submit payment finish your registration
**Lunch will be a box lunch from Chick Fil A. If you have special dietary restrictions and would rather bring your own lunch, please note that in the Google Form and you’ll be reimbursed $5 on the day of the workshop.


Saturday Workshop

Payment for Saturday workshop with La Maestra Loca in Savannah, GA. (May 4th)


Saturday AND Sunday Workshop

Payment for Saturday and Sunday Workshop with La Maestra Loca in Savannah, GA. May 4th and 5th, 2019


Cincinatti, OH

A Year of Novelty in your CI Classroom! November 2nd and 3rd, 2019

We all know teaching for proficiency is best practice and the one thing that MUST be present in order for acquisition to occur is Comprehensible Input! We also know the importance of novelty for keeping our students bought in. Sometimes, re-thinking our go to strategies, and adding a slight twist is all we need to create seemingly brand new activities to enrich our plans and re-energize our classroom and our students. During this workshop, I plan to show you some of my favorite novel twists on strategies you know and love. The two days will also be full of engagement hacks to boost student enthusiasm and participation. You’ll walk away with a tool belt full of strategies you can implement first thing on Monday morning to continue guiding your students on the path to proficiency!  Finally, you’re sure to leave highly entertained, which is just the added bonus of doing a workshop with La Maestra Loca!  Teachers of Elementary, Middle, and High School are welcome to attend this workshop! Recommended for teachers who are intermediate to experienced in teaching with Comprehensible Input.

Please click here to complete a Google form to start your registration and then click the link below to submit payment! Can’t wait to see you in Ohio!

A Year of Novelty in the CI Classroom

2 day workshop in Cincinnati, OH. Novel strategies for the CI classroom.




I want to come to YOU! Let’s make this happen!

This year, thanks to Mike Peto, I have discovered my new found passion for leading day long workshops! Conferences are WONDERFUL, however I always find myself bummed that I only get to spend an hour presenting on topics that I could spend the whole entire day digging into! Workshops allow me to do just that! I have the WHOLE day to “play”, model, and practice my favorite Comprehensible Input strategies with a group of enthusiastic educators (who I also have the opportunity to get to know better and interact with more on a personal level since we have the whole day together).

Mike Peto wrote this incredibly flattering blog (especially considering how much I admire him and the work he does for our community) after organizing my workshop in North Carolina.

Another remarkable teacher wrote me an email afterwards saying this (she gave me permission to share):

I’m having the absolute BEST week of my teaching career after attending your workshop last Saturday.  Right now I find myself between jumping up and down and screaming for joy and crying for PURE gratitude to have met you, attended your workshop and to be a teacher!! Teaching and working with people has always been my passion, but something was missing and now I’ve found it, thanks to you.  I’m in tears….  I’m so grateful. My students don’t want to leave my class.  They LOVE learning Spanish and JUST THIS WEEK, IN JUST THESE FEW DAYS, THEY’VE LEARNED SO MUCH. Not only that they’ve learned so much, but that they LOVE learning.  They LOVE speaking Spanish.  They feel compelled to speak and be engaged in English, Spanish and Espanglish!  How ever they do it, they are showing comprehension.  AAAAAAAlleluiah!   AAAAAAAlleluiah!  Alleluia! Alleeeeeeeluuuuuuia!!!!!! I have so much more to learn though AND I’M ON FIRE!!! Ready to do it!

Here are a few more anonymous reviews of my day long workshops:

  • Your energy and passion are so evident. thank you for re-energizing me. I was a bit nervous about today as my last training with two big names in CI was not good. It was unfocused, expensive, and while I took some things away with me, I wanted so much more. Thank you for presenting a well thought out, organized day of learning. I appreciate your openness, your rawness, and you.
  • This week after the day I spent in your workshop, has been the absolute BEST in my teaching career. It was like renewing my wedding vows. Yes!! I still love teaching and even MORE than before because of what I learned from you. I guess you could add “Marriage Counselor” to your list of achievements 🙂
    I’d been practicing CI to some degree, but there were missing pieces that I figured in your class. Also, you gave me the courage and enthusiasm to push myself a little more. It was great to see you in action because I’d mostly read and watched some youtube videos. You gave us all a treasure. ¡Mil gracias!
  • Thank you for saying this is all still effective if you are chill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing your passions and thereby helping us regain touch with ours!!!!!!
  • I was a little leary you would be more bubbly-ness then content but I am in awe of your thoughtfulness (teaching and emotionally) and your well crafted, right to the point seminar. It really reinforced what I am doing and gave me good ideas. Buen trabajo!
  • That was the best “bang for your buck” workshop since Mike Peto’s last November. You all obviously love and believe in what you are doing to present for such small gains!

If you’d like to consider organizing a workshop near you, it may be easier than you think! Shoot me an email ( and let’s start the conversation!

I can’t wait to work with you!


La Maestra Loca


  1. I eventually would love to begin workshops for tech tools I’ve used successfully in my language learning classroom. I also want to start my blog but don’t know the first steps. Can’t wait to meet you in August to learn about CI and how to use it with my high school students. I’m texting a colleague from a sister school today with the link to sign up, if it isn’t too late!

    • I’ll be in St. Petersburg FL this summer at iFLT! That is really close to you! If you can’t come to that, email me, and we can talk about creating a workshop for you and teachers in your area!

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