Teachers Pay Teachers

I can be found on TPT as Annabelle Allen – La Maestra Loca.

I am working on getting some of my curriculum up and published but it is a slow process. I am posting things in between conferences and trainings throughout the summer, and during the school year I am even more sluggish….

Right now you can find the following:

An AWESOME Comprehensible Input CULTURE unit on the legends of the Chupacabra and Loup Garou. Two of my most favorite legends! I had so much fun teaching these lessons! They were also one of my student’s favorite things we learned about this year. Both the Chupacabra unit (a legend from Puerto Rico), and the Loup Garou unit (a legend from the French Cajuns of Louisiana), are also sold separately on my TPT account.

Who doesn’t love “La Bicicleta” by Shakira and Carlos Vives?  My students sing it in the halls, they request it at school dances, and parents email me to tell me they sing it at home! 🙂 Each month I select a “song” to be our song of the month. This is the mini-unit I taught when “La Bicicleta” was our song.

My first song of the month for the 2017-2018 school year is “El Mismo Sol” by Álvaro Soler. We LOVE it! Here is the mini-unit I have used to teach it!

I fell in love with Julieta Venegas when I lived in Spain. Her song Limón y Sal is my favorite! Here is the mini-unit I used to teach it when it was our Song of the Month!

I have a secret crush on Gente de Zona and my students are OBSESSED with Marc Anthony. I can’t help but dance when I hear their song “La Gozadera“. We did it for our song of the month in November. Here is the mini-unit I used to teach it. 

Señor Wooly’s incredible songs and curriculum are a favorite of my students! I subscribe to his website  and I like to stretch his materials by creating parallel stories of my own to accompany his lessons. I created this lesson to preview the vocabulary for ¡Es una ganga! which is always an enormous hit with kids.

My favorite Señor Wooly song is “Las Excusas”. Each year, I preview the song telling the story of one of MY students playing the lead character in his song using this presentation. This story is written in the present and past tense. In both of these presentations, you can switch out the photos of my students with photos of your own, if you choose.