LIVE! PD Anytime, Anywhere!

LIVE! with La Loca is my subscription based, online PD platform where I go LIVE and share strategies, resources, ideas, materials, brain breaks, and so much more whenever I get the urge! Sure, I love to blog, but honestly, I just don’t have the time to write all the ideas I have in my head as quickly as I would like! This platform allows me to GO LIVE! at any time of the day and support teachers (and their students) immediately, in THAT moment! The best part is, the videos are recorded and remain on our page for you to access whenever or wherever you want to as long as you’re part of the community! That’s right! So if you join us today, you’d automatically gain access to over 85+ hours of pre-recorded videos from me, Q&A sessions, and over 6 presentations from leaders in our field who joined us for LIVE chats. I also share resources monthly that you can use in your classrooms (Spanish and French).

During this unprecedented time of uncertainty and “new territory” as we teach online, there has never been a better time to join “la familia loca” as we call ourselves. We would love to have and support you! Join us!