Annabelle Allen, Louisiana’s FL Teacher of the Year,  is a passionate Spanish teacher at St. Martin’s Episcopal School in New Orleans, Louisiana. She taught Spanish in the Lower School at St. Martin’s for one year (2015-2016). The past two years she has been teaching in the Middle School where she has the opportunity to see each of her students every single day.  She is passionate about Middle School, though she has taught at all levels. She taught for a year in China in 2014-15 and before that taught for 4 years in Denver, Colorado, where she learned and developed her “CI” techniques. She enjoys helping students of ALL ages ACQUIRE the Spanish language, rather than just learn it. Her goal for her students, children and adults is communication. She is considered a leader in her teaching methodology (Comprehensible Input) and mentors teachers throughout the nation in developing their skills in this style of language education. She has participated as a Language Lab Teacher at iFLT 2016, and 2017, compelling comprehensible input techniques in a classroom where teachers can observe and learn real time.  In her free time Annabelle enjoys traveling the world, playing with unicorns and eating. Her favorite thing in the world is spending time with her family, and picnicking with her fiancé Paul and his daughter Isla Rose (4) who also LOVES all things Unicorns, fairies, and mermaids, just like her “AtDat”.

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